TERRA cups

TERRA cups are part of our collection of glazed terracotta design ceramics, handcrafted in France.

Each piece is unique because it is handcrafted, and may vary slightly in colour and finish.

Avec leur silhouette moderne et géométrique, les tasses TERRA sont disponibles en 10 coloris pop et lumineux, et 3 formats : tasse à expresso (vendue par 2), tasse à café (vendue par 2) et tasse MUG Thé (vendue à l’unité).

2 sizes of vases are also available in this collection

Dishwasher-safe glazed terracotta cups, handcrafted in France

  • Expresso cup height 6cm / diameter 6,5cm
    Sold as a set of 2 (same colour)
  • Coffee cup height 8cm diameter 7,5cm
    Sold as a set of 2 (same colour)
  • Tasse MUG  Thé height 10,5cm diameter 8,2cm
    Sold as a unit

Available in 11 assorted colours: jaune (yellow) / rouge (red) / orange / bleu turquoise (turquoise blue) / bleu pétrole (petrol blue) / bleu cobalt (cobalt blue) / vert mousse (moss green) / vert épinard (spinach green) / noir (black) / taupe / améthyste

From 22,00

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