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Portrait de Roger Tallon avec sa chaise Zombie

The shape of a design does not derive from the analysis of one function, but from the analysis of all functions.

signature roger tallon


Beginning of collaboration with Jacques Viénot, director of Technès


industrial design professor in section at the School of decorative arts (1st course of design in France)


Super Caravelle refrigerator (Frigidaire)


P111 portable television set (Téléavia)


M400 spiral staircase (Lacloche)


Mach 2000 watch (Lip)


TGV Atlantique interior and exterior design (SNCF)


M400 staircase by Sentou Edition


TS folding chair reissued by Sentou Edition


Cryptogamme Stool reissued by Sentou Edition


Death in Paris

Roger Tallon

Born in Paris in 1929, Roger Tallon is one of the most remarkable industrial designers of our time. After training as an engineer, he joined Technès, a technical and aesthetic design office, in 1955. He was one of the first to teach design at the École des Arts Appliqués.His work covers a wide range of industrial products such as household electrical goods (Teleavia television set in 1963), furniture (M 400 staircase in 1966), china (3T collection in 1966), railway equipment (Mexico City subway in 1969, Corail trains in 1975 and the French high speed train TGV Atlantique in 1991).

His collaboration with Sentou began in 1960 with the creation and manufacture of the Wimpy seats.

In 1966 Roger Tallon designed the M 400 staircase in polished cast aluminium for the metal casters’ trade union, CIFOM. In addition to the M 400 Roger Tallon designed the TH staircase in 1974 for the Lacloche Gallery. Sentou took over the exclusive production and distribution of the M400 and TH spiral staircases in 1986.

Created in 1978 with Robert Sentou, founder of Sentou, the TS chair was reissued by Sentou in 2001 and the Cryptogramme stool, designed in 1969, was reissued by Sentou in 2006.

The name of the TS folding chair means T for Tallon and S for Sentou.
Roger Tallon was Robert Sentou's first cousin, and Tallon is no stranger to his Perigord cousin's vocation. Their collaboration began in the early years in the Lalinde workshop, responding to and producing specific creative projects.
Designed in 1977 for a design competition on the theme of saving space initiated by the V.I.A., the TS was the winning chair, sharing the podium with a model designed by the duo Berthier & Chauvel.
Robert Sentou then published the TS in the years that followed until the 1990s. Sentou Edition has been reissuing it since 2016.
This occasional chair was designed with the idea of maximum economy of material. Cut from a single panel, it is a perfect exercise in design but also the thinnest chair ever produced (2.2 cm thick) while ensuring strength and resistance.
Completely flat when folded, it can be converted from surface to volume in a single movement, for simple and efficient storage.

His classic


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