Cryptogamme Bordeaux wine glass x4

Dedicated to enjoying the finest Bordeaux, the Cryptogamme Bordeaux wine glass (verre à Bordeaux) is the smallest wine glass in the iconic tableware collection designed by Roger Tallon in 1967, and reissued by Sentou in 2016.

Its silhouette inspired the Cryptogamme furniture collection Roger Tallon designed for a cafeteria project at the Grand Palais in 1969, including the Cryptogamme Stool.

The Cryptogamme series of glasses comes in 5 sizes, from brandy glasses to water glasses.

Comme tous les verres de cette série, le verre à Bordeaux est vendu par 4 dans un coffret signé.

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Size: H 9,5 cm, Ø 4 – 6,5 cm

Material: Crystalline

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