Roger Talllon : Itinerary of an Industrial Designer book

Published to coincide with the exhibition presented by the Centre Georges Pompidou from 20 October 1993 to 10 January 1994, this book is a professional panorama of one of the most brilliant designers of the 20th century.

Many testimonials, including those by Massimo Vignelli, Pierre Restany, Arthur J. Pulos and Marc Lebailly.

This book was produced during Roger Tallon's lifetime and under his supervision, guaranteeing the accuracy of the accounts.

Centre Pompidou Paris Monograph Collection

Text by: Roger Tallon, François Barré, Germain Viatte, Raymond Guidot, Françoise Jollant, Catherine Millet

  • Published in: novembre 1993
  • Publisher:  Editions du Centre Pompidou
  • Language: French
  • Total pages: 174
  • Size:  22 x 2 x 31 cm


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