Akari 1N


AKARI, which means light in Japanese, diffuses a soft and solar light.

Created in 1969, the 1N lamp is one of the AKARI lamps whose silhouette has become iconic among the great classics of Design of the 20th century

This small tripod lamp with an organic and timeless shape will find its place in all areas of the home or office.

Isamu Noguchi's Akari light sculptures are considered icons of 20th century modern design. Designed by Noguchi from 1952 and handmade for half a century by the original manufacturer in Gifu, Japan, these paper lanterns are the perfect combination of Japanese craftsmanship and modernist forms.

The lamps are made from washi paper glued to a bamboo wire ribbing, supported by a thin metal frame.



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Isamu Noguchi liked to say that "to create a home, all you need is a room, a tatami mat and an AKARI".

Akari is a Japanese term meaning clarity and light as well as suggesting the notion of lightness.

Each Akari is handcrafted, beginning with the making of washi paper from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. The paper is then glued and shaped on a supple frame of Higo bamboo ribbing, creating a delicate but powerful lighting sculpture.

The soft and warm glow of light casting through the paper transforms “the harshness of electricity back to the light of our origins – the sun – so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night” as explained by Noguchi himself.


Size: L 25 x H 39 cm

Material: Washi paper, bamboo ribbing and structure, metal frame.

Designed in: 1969

Further information: AKARI 1N is sold with an electrical wire kit and Type C EU plug (French standard) - E 27 socket.

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