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Square Lamp GM

Design Thomas Vincent

The Square GM lamp is a light sculpture in the shape of a cube, made up of several layers of translucent acrylic panels, in the middle of which floats a luminous sphere, as if in suspension.

A modern lamp with a bold design, it diffuses soft light through a subtle interplay of reflections and transparencies and comes in 8 colours: transparent, white, orange, pink, red, blue, green and grey.

The Square GM lamp is the larger of the 2 models, measuring 25.5cm wide (the smaller model is 18.5cm wide).

  • Size: W 25,5 cm x L 24 cm x H 24 cm
  • Material: panneaux acrylique, ampoule verre opale, inox

Precision-crafted, each lamp features a fascinating combination of opal glass and acrylic panels, giving the illusion of a sphere floating in space.


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